06 July 2007

New Address

As I've mentioned probably too many times now, I am moving. In fact, I have moved. This has caused me to gain not only a new physical address, but a new email address, one that will replace the old ocsub@earthlink.net address, which is likely to exist only for a few more weeks. Here, for anyone curious, and all the spammers in the world, are my new contact infos:



P.O. Box 3038
Hoboken, NJ 07030

I'll receive all mail sent to my New Hampshire P.O. box until August 1, at which point I'll only receive mail that qualifies for forwarding.

And, as a couple of the role models from my childhood used to say, we thank you for your support.


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  2. Well congrats your comments with regard to the Jason Sanford article in the NY review of Science Fiction along with comment from Mr Sanford and Jonathan McCalmont at SF Diplomat made the Blogs review in The Guardian on 7th July 2007. Which is quite amusing given that these blogs got more space than the irregular review of SF books does in the same book section.

    This is the same book section which had "The Book of Dave" by Will Self, a "serious" author who appears to have gone over the same ground as Walter M. Miller. However Self would run a mile if anyone thought his work was SF.