Night Shade Books Sale

The good people at Night Shade Books (and Jeremy Lassen) are having a sale to make room in their warehouse for new arrivals. Here's the deal: 50% off all in-stock and forthcoming books until Sunday, July 29 when you order 4 books or more.

You could, for example, pre-order Paolo Bacigalupi's first collection and John Joseph Adams's anthology of post-apocalyptic stories, then add M. John Harrison's Course of the Heart, John Courtenay Grimwood's 9Tail Fox, Kage Baker's Dark Mondays, Ray Manzarek's Snake Moon, Laird Barron's Imago Sequence, Gwyneth Jones's Bold as Love, Steve Tomasula's In & Oz, Tricia Sullivan's Maul, Douglas Lain's Last Week's Apocalypse, Joel Lane's The Lost District, Conrad Williams's London Revenant, Liz Williams's Snake Agent, Kit Reed's Bronze, Lucius Shepard's Softspoken ... or so many other books. Night Shade is a wonderful publisher, so go crazy and spend the last bits of your ill-gotten gains with them!

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