24 February 2004

50 Books (Starting with 5)

Via David Harris' Science & Literature blog, I discovered the idea of a 50 Book Challenge: read 50 books in 2004 and write in the blog about them.

I can do this. I think. I read parts of hundreds of books a year, and probably read all of 50 or so, but 50 that are worth writing about, 50 in addition to the various reading I do for my job (high school English teacher) ... that's hard.

But I like a challenge, and it will give some sense of the future to this blog, which I could definitely use right now.

Therefore, here are the first five books I intend to read and to write about, books that I've currently got in my stack of things I already intend to comment on here in some way or another within the next month or two:
The Etched City by K.J. Bishop

Secret Life by Jeff VanderMeer (not due till June, but I've ordered it already)

Light by M. John Harrison

We Who Are About To by Joanna Russ

Kalpa Imperial by Angelica Gorodischer
I didn't put any anthologies on the list because I usually take a few years to finish an anthology. I know it's weird, but I just don't like to read the whole of an anthology in under a year or two. For those of you who are curious, I'm currently reading in (and will probably be writing about certain stories soon) Trampoline, Album Zutique: No. 1, Leviathan Three, and Cosmos Latinos.

Okay, got to get back to reading...