Best Fantasy Story of All Time

I mentioned the Locus Poll & Survey earlier, but I have remained silent about their little addendum to the poll, the survey for the best fantasy story of all time, because I find it an utterly and completely impossible -- nay, absurd task. I mean, I like lists as much as anybody, but this is ridiculous!

Nonetheless, like all such lists, it will provoke some good discussion. For example, there's the fine discussion going on at Jeff VanderMeer's Nightshade Books discussion board. There are lots of good stories mentioned there, and some discussion seems to be brewing.

Myself, I'm staying out of it. If I had anything to add, it would be that Kafka's story "The Metamorphosis" may be my favorite short story of the 20th century. Or maybe "A Hunger Artist". Or "A Country Doctor". Or "Report to an Academy". Or maybe something by Beckett (one of my favorite titles of anything anywhere: "Imagination Dead Imagine"; One of my favorite first sentences: "Ruins true refuge long last towards which so many false time out of mind." I'm really a cheery person. Really, I am.)

I'm so glad Avram Davidson is on the list. And Angela Carter. And--

See why I'm staying out of it? This could go on forever. I can't even whittle it down to one writer, never mind one story!