Dept. of Yet More Self-Promotion

Two quick links that are all about me, me, me:

First, a story I wrote something like seven years ago has found a home at Pindeldyboz. A warning: The story dates from a time when I thought I was going to be a writer of deeply sensitive literary stories. I'm pretty much incapable of writing that way anymore, and loathe most of my old efforts at doing so, but this particular story is short enough that I've maintained a certain fondness for it, and I'm glad it has the chance to see the light of day for at least a couple weeks.

Second, at the suggestion of Jeff Ford, I've decided to create a new blog, this one about my experiences in the role of Caliban in an upcoming production of The Tempest. The site doesn't have much content yet, but the first rehearsal is later today, so I expect to have something to post soon. I'm just hoping I don't drown in oodles of narcissism. ("Too late!" you scream.)

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