Happy Birthday, Tor!

Yesterday -- Friday, April 23, 2010 -- Tor Books turned 30.  Irene Gallo celebrated at Tor.com with a marvelous photo gallery of the Tor folks.

On my last visit to New York, Tor editor Liz Gorinsky gave me a tour, which was great fun -- not only because I got to say hi to lots of great people, some of whom I'd only ever met via email or press release, but also because Tor is housed in the Flatiron Building, and the view from some of the offices (and especially the conference room/library) is fabulous.

Tor has published plenty of books by people who've become friends of mine over the years, and the only two professional fiction writers I knew when I was young, Jim Kelly and L.E. Modesitt, were both published by Tor when I first met them.

It seems appropriate, then, that on Monday I'll be discussing a Tor novel with one of my classes -- Brian Slattery's Liberation (in a class that also used another Tor book, The Dark Descent edited by David Hartwell), and so my students -- all of whom are, I'm sure, spending their weekend diligently reading! -- are, without knowing it, wishing Tor a happy birthday themselves...

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