28 June 2006


People have recently been asking me if I'm going to Readercon in a couple weeks, and I've done my best to avoid a definitive answer, not out of coyness, but because I really haven't been sure I could be there. Today, though, I decided all of my hesitating was stupid, and so, yes, I shall be there from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.

And if, after all of my waffling, Mike Allen will still let me be a part of the Mythic reading, I'll even be reading a few sentences of fiction.


  1. You better read our f'n story.


  2. Hahahahahaha! If Klima ever has an Electric Velocipede reading, I'll read our story then. Actually, Jeff, you and I can read it together, alternating words. The crowd'll go wild.

  3. Matt: Just kidding. Not even I'm that much of a sadist.


  4. I'd been meaning to email and ask.

    It will be good to see you and catch up.

    I am walking around wearing a hat made of literary madness, but I may shave my head for ReaderCon.

    Does anyone in the ReaderCon area have a shaver that is sturdy enough to cut through madness hats?