In the Future

This is just a quick post to say that I have various pontifications about the future and imagined futures elsewhere:

Jose at the MemeTherapy blog sent me a bunch of questions I wasn't the least bit qualified to offer comment on, but I did anyway, and the results are being posted, along with other people's more interesting responses, as "Brain Parades" on future shock, wiki democracy, and technological alienation.

Also, over at Strange Horizons, I have a review of One Million A.D., an anthology of far future stories edited by Gardner Dozois, wherein I pontificate on fantasy vs. science fiction, imagination, dullness, writing, etc. I wish this had been able to be one of the joint reviews SH sometimes runs, where people offer differing perspectives on a book, because I would love to have seen how somebody who is more of a fan of hard SF than I am reacted to it. Lacking that, here are links to some other reviews: Visions of Paradise on "Good Mountain" by Robert Reed and the rest of the book; SF Signal review; SF Site review; Best review.

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