The Mumpsimus is a personal blog created by me, Matthew Cheney, in 2003. For an overview of the blog's ever-changing identity over years, see the ten posts I wrote for the tenth anniversary in 2013. To scroll through more recent writings, take a look at the archive links and the Popular Posts list at the bottom of the page.

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Who am I?

In the 3rd person: 
Matthew Cheney's work has been published by English Journal, One Story, UnstuckWeird Tales, Web Conjunctions, Strange Horizons, Failbetter.com, Ideomancer, Pindeldyboz, Weird Fiction ReviewRain Taxi, Locus, and SF Site, among other places. He is the former series editor for Best American Fantasy and the co-editor, with Eric Schaller, of the occasional online magazine The Revelator

He is the 2014 winner of the Hudson Prize from Black Lawrence Press, who will publish his collection Blood: Stories in January 2016.

He has taught English, Women's Studies, and Communications & Media Studies at Plymouth State University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Literature at the University of New Hampshire.

On Twitter: Melikhovo
[note: I'm an irregular Twitter user. I retweet stuff that catches my attention, and occasionally post links to things, make announcements, note new blog posts here, etc. I won't argue with you on Twitter, because I lack the talent to argue in 140 characters. Some people are good at it, though not as many as think they are. I hate the way tone and nuance get destroyed by most tweets, and most Twitter arguments I've seen escalate to little more than slogan-shouting.]

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