Update of the Updates (3/28/05): Everything below is now obsolete. I found a backdoor in to the Enetation comments, so replacement has begun and I don't need the links here on each post. Go about your normal business. Nothing to see here...

----obsolete information below----
Something's going on with the Enetation servers, so comments don't seem to be appearing on posts at the moment. I'm going to turn on Blogger's commenting system, because I've been thinking of moving to it anyway, as it will email all comments to me so I have them backed up. Once Enetation returns, I'll try to import as many comments as I can, at least on controversial posts.

Update: I've got the Enetation comments back, so you're not insane if you see two comments links below each post. The first one is the Blogger system, the second one the Enetation. There's no other way I can get access to the old comments, so while I'm moving old ones into the Blogger system, they'll both be there. I'm going to try to get this all done this week, so the confusion shouldn't last too long. I'll do my best to preserve as many as possible, but at this point there are about 300 posts here, and a lot of them have comments, so it's going to both be somewhat slow and inevitably incomplete. Ultimately, though, this should be the last time I have to change commenting systems. At least until I break down and move to my own site rather than Blogger's, but that's a much bigger job than I have time for now or in the near future, I expect.

If you happen to post a comment in the old system, don't worry about it. I'll move it for you.

I've also (finally!) updated the sidebar and gotten rid of the Google ads (I thought they were annoying).

---end of obsolete information-----
---or maybe not-----------------
---trust your own judgment-------
---not all narrators are reliable----
---nothing to see here-----------

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