Pages from a Lost Mumpsimus

Claude Lalumière noticed that my opinions of books and such are often rather different than his. This caused him to come up with what I thought was an irresistible idea: What would happen if we both edited an edition of his webzine Lost Pages? Is it possible that we could find three stories that both of us thought deserved publication? What would they look and smell like?

If you have some idea, then you might want to pay attention to this call for submissions:
Lost Pages teams up with The Mumpsimus!

Claude Lalumière and Matthew Cheney are coediting a special issue of Lost Pages, and they are seeking submissions for the fiction segment of the issue in these three categories:

Science fiction
Crossgenre (slipstream, or interstitial, or whatever it's being called these days)

Only one story in each category will be selected for publication at Lost Pages.

Submissions by email only at:

length: 1k - 9k words
pay: Can$20-$25 for First World Rights, with a one-month exclusive
deadline: 15 October 2005

be sure to read the full guidelines before submitting
I am thrilled that Claude came up with this idea, and look forward to seeing what stories we end up actually agreeing to publish.

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