Strange Horizons

The Strange Horizons Readers' Awards have been announced -- the readers' favorite stories, poems, articles, reviews, illustrations, and wombats that this Hugo Award-nominated webzine published in 2004. (Well, no wombats, alas. Maybe next year.)

SH has also this week published "On Our Street...", a story by a new writer named Donald Barthelme. Seems to be a young man of great promise, sure to ignite lots of controversy amongst the readers because of his genre-bending proclivities.

Note, too, that Strange Horizons is having their spring fund drive. Unlike, for instance, NPR, they don't interrupt programming to beg at you. Reward them for their good manners. The money doesn't go to pay the staff, who are all volunteers, but rather is used to cover costs and to pay writers.

And yes, I'm biased because I am now a columnist for them, but please don't punish them for that. All their other judgments have been sound.

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