16 August 2007

Rupert Thomson in NYC

Tomorrow night, August 17, Maud Newton will be interviewing Rupert Thomson at the McNally Robinson bookstore in Manhattan at 7pm. I'm going to try to be there, but don't let that stop you from attending.

Thomson wrote one of my favorite novels of recent years, Divided Kingdom, many scenes of which still remain remarkably vivid in my mind. I also had great melancholic fun with it when it was a LitBlog Co-op nominee. (I haven't read any of Thomson's other books yet, but I will, I will...)


  1. Matt, you must read them. I've pressed his work on all and sundry, even managing to get some of my kids to read The Book of Revelation, which is a personal favourite. And though my hatred of signings and interviews verges on the pathological, I might even be tempted to make an exception for Thomson if I were in NYC.

  2. It was nice to see you there.

  3. It was a marvelous event, and so much fun to see a bunch of people I'd either not seen in a while or only knew from their blogs and email addresses. And it was my first trip to McNally Robinson, which is a magnificent store. Many thanks to everybody for making it so fun.

    And yes, The Book of Revelation has risen high on my TBR pile. Ed Champion was grabbing unsuspecting pedestrians in the store and evangelizing the book to them. For all I know, he did that the whole way back to Brooklyn...